A good marriage is like hairspray: perfect hold without sticking! Stay the way you are - happy wedding anniversary!

All the best and all the best have been said to you for sure Just keep going, we want to celebrate many more wedding anniversaries with you!

You do strange things out of love - some even get married! Good thing you did. Keep up the good work, comedians - happy wedding anniversary!

Marriage means togetherness and yet I also wish you something separating on your wedding day, because it will never be boring.

We wish you a lot of love and a lot of humor for the future - then your health will come by itself! Happy wedding anniversary!

Marriage is a stupidity that is always committed in pairs. Just keep making the best of it - all the best for your wedding day!

The marriage market lost two of its best people… years ago! This is the best that could have happened to you! Congratulations on your wedding day!

Marriage is for the explorer and the daring! You have already met this requirement. Happy wedding anniversary!