My sister, I know you must be lying down to sleep… so good night! May only happy and loving things inhabit your dreams! Rest and sleep well, I love you!

May this moment of sleep bring you good dreams, relax your body and mind and especially make you wake up with peace and hope in your heart! Good night, my dear and beloved sister!

Good night, my sister! May you have a beautiful and peaceful night's sleep, you deserve it!

The night has come, enjoy the rest, enjoy the silence, relax your body from the hair to the toes and have a peaceful night, my sister! Good night, see you soon ...

The moment now, my sister, is to turn off the lights, empty your mind and let the stars light up and inhabit your dreams… sleep peacefully, with your heart at peace!

Sister, I know you like to go out, go to parties, but there is nothing better than taking a relaxing bath and going to our bed… enjoy, rest and have an excellent night's sleep! Good night I love you!

Tiring day, isn't it, sister? We deserve a great and peaceful night's sleep! Good night, sleep well, rest, and anything call me! Positive thinking to have beautiful dreams and wake up with renewed energies… good night!

My sister, good night! Sleep well, sleep a lot, rest, and relax because you deserve it! Sleeping is so good, it's surprising to be free, right? Sleep with the angels and tomorrow we will be together again!

My sister, good night! Listen to your heart slowing down, relax your body, silence your mind and feel the sleep coming… enjoy and sleep well, sleep peacefully, tomorrow is a new day!

Good night sister! Sleep well, rest, dream of angels and let it be a night of peace and tranquility ... you deserve it! Big kiss, tomorrow morning we talk better! Kisses!

My sister, may you have a great night's sleep, rest and have beautiful and happy dreams! Tomorrow, you will wake up willing and at peace! Good night I love you!

My sister, go to rest and deliver tomorrow into the hands of God! You are worthy of incredible things and need a perfect night of ours to invigorate your energies… good night, sleep with the angels!