My mother, the bond that unites us is the strongest and most valuable in the world. Sleep with the angels, I love you!

Mother ...May the beauty of flowers, the sweetness of honey, the brightness of the stars, envelop you today and may you continue to radiate this love and joy that you have always offered us! Good Night..

You have made my world beautiful and colorful since the day I was born. Good night, mom, I love you!

If I sleep peacefully today, it is because you lost many nights of sleep for me to get here. Good night mom! I love you ?

God cannot be everywhere and that is why He made mothers. Good Night My Lovely Mumma..

Each dawn is a new mission for you to prove that you are worthy of God's gift ...Good Night Mom

Mama, may every hug, smile, dream, memory and dawn be as sweet as my love for you. I love you!

There is no better friend than a mother. And there is no better mother than you. Good night, my mother!

Mumma you even understands what I do not say. Love you…Sweet Dreams

In the worst and worst hours, I can always count on your comfort and a tight hug. Good night, mommy!

If I can only ask for one wish, I hope to grow up to be half the woman you are today. Good night mom!