Breathe, calm the heart ... silence the mind and relax the body ... now rest. There's more tomorrow! Good night dad.

Passing by to leave you a kiss and wish you that tonight is a lot of peace and beautiful dreams. Good night, dear father. Sleep well!

Good night dad! Rest well tonight, because tomorrow is a new opportunity to go after your dreams and make them come true!

Nothing is easy in this life, but everything is possible when you have strength and determination. Good night dad!

Passing by to wish you a wonderful night, father. May you rest well and restore your energies again.

I was very well and happy ... but then I remembered that I have to wake up early tomorrow to work. Good night dad.

Good night dad! May this night's sleep bring the tranquility and hope you need to live a new day.

Good night, daddy! That every night you feel in your heart the certainty that you are able to accomplish everything you want, just believe.

Don't let problems get in the way of your sleep ... after all, when you wake up they'll still be there! Good night dad.

Sleeping is so good ... that sometimes I can't believe it's free. Have a great night, Dad.