Good night brother! Rest well tonight, because tomorrow is a new opportunity to go after your dreams and make them come true!

May you have a serene night, a peaceful sleep and beautiful dreams. Have a good night, brother.

Always see the best side of life. Do not listen to negative people. Stand by the side of those who truly love you and you will see that life will be lighter. Have a great night, brother.

Good night brother. That every night, you feel in your heart the certainty that you are able to accomplish everything you want, just believe.

Good night brother! May the stars illuminate your dreams so that you have a great night's sleep.

May the angels watch over you tonight. Have a beautiful night, brother.

Let your dreams take care of you ... they are necessary to life, as they bring hope and help you forget all the bad things about the past day. Good night brother.

I hope that tonight you will renew your strength and your hope, so that tomorrow you will get everything you

Don't put limits on your dreams, brother. Put faith and watch the miracle happen. Have a great night in the presence of Jesus!

Hand everything over to God and go to sleep with your heart at peace. Good night brother!

Have patience and faith, my brother! Great changes happen for those who believe. Tomorrow will be a better day. May you have a wonderful night's sleep!