Good morning Dad! Enjoy the morning to work with dedication and pleasure. Preserve it. Before work, a good prayer. Thank God, broadly and generously.

Dad, my mind is still talking to you. My heart is still looking for you. My soul knows that you are at peace. Good morning Dad!

I just stopped by to remind you how important you are in my life! Thank you for everything you did for me! Good morning, my hero!

I am proud that you are my papa. But I'm even more proud that you are my child's grandpa. Good morning Dad!

Dad! I will always be your little kid and be a financial burden! Good morning Dad!

Dear papa, no matter what else awaits you in life ... at least you don't have an ugly daughter! Good morning Dad!

Wish you an awesome day. With flowers along the paths you take. With happy people around you. Good Morning Dad...

Father, May your day be filled with joy. Good Morning. I love you, my hero!

When God distributed fathers, He saved the best for me. Good morning Dad!

Above all, children need our unconditional love, whether they succeed or fail; when life is easy and when life is hard. Good morning Dad!

Good morning Dad! Your morning is important. Don't start the day with negative ideas. Don't even get excited or argue. Appreciate yourself!

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