Congratulations, my dear niece! I know that many achievements await you, just have faith.

Besides auntie, I'm your friend, you can count on me! Happy birthday, may all your dreams come true.

Today is the birthday of the cutest niece in the world! Kisses from your auntie who loves you so much.

Congratulations, my dear niece! Receive today with gratitude, after all, celebrating another year of life is a grace of God.

May this be an unforgettable birthday! Much happiness today and always, dear niece.

I can't always be with you, so I ask God and his little angels to be always guiding you, in every decision, in every new path. Congratulations, blessed niece!

Dear niece, I wish you lots of light on this new journey. Happy Birthday!

Even far away, you are always in my heart and in my prayers. I couldn't help but wish you much happiness today. Congratulations, my dear niece!

You are the dearest and most loved niece in the world. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations, dear niece. May you have faith to believe in your dreams and the strength to conquer them.

Today you can have the wishes you want, after all the day is all yours. May you never stop believing that anything can happen. Happy Birthday!

May the Father of Heaven bring you much happiness, health, love and a shower of beautiful blessings. Happy birthday, most beloved niece!