What a joy to celebrate this date by your side once again. May God allow you many years of life, all of them with me. Happy Birthday!

May the angels of the Lord be with you always when I cannot. Happy Birthday my love!

I feel very blessed to share a family with you. Happy birthday love of my life!

I love you for all that you are and for all that I am by your side. Happy Birthday my love!

I feel that the years make our lives happier and happier and the experiences we acquire each year, increase the love I feel for you.

Today is a day of celebration, joy and a lot of love. Congratulations, dear.

Congratulations my husband, friend, companion and love of my life!

Today we celebrate another year of your life and I also take the opportunity to celebrate our union. Thank you for being a present and caring husband. Congratulations my love!

My love, you can be sure that I will make this day very special. Happy birthday, that we can celebrate a lot together!

Every day I want to remind you of the wonderful person you are. Congratulations my love, I love you so much!

I can't believe this date came so quickly, my love! It seems like yesterday that we were celebrating the arrival of that very special day. You are celebrating another year of life and my greatest joy is to celebrate it with you.