Today we came back to celebrate many rounds with you, because its your birthday today, we are now your guest. We celebrate that the beams bend and are happy to be in bed in the morning.

Alcohol, parties and a lot of women, I cant trust the men. There is only one man in my life, I would give my heart to him blindly. This man, dad, thats you, just prick up your ears and listen to me now. I wish you luck and blessings today, not only here, but in all your ways!

Every year, dear dad, you become increasingly wonderful. This is how we, your children, want to congratulate you here and now. In the coming years , happiness may save you from grief and make you rich, like the worlds largest corsair.

Papa has always stood by me because we had many things in common. He helped me, loved me, He is a person who doesnt take, only gives. So let me say on the birthday that I am there for you too, without any questions.

If I know one then it is that you are the best daddy in the world We laughed together We cried together We despaired together But whatever came, we were never happy birthday to my daddy alone,

Dad, today I pray that God will always be watching over you and that He will give you many years of life. Happy Birthday!

If my life were a house, then you would be, now it comes out, I say it almost completely uninhibited, the basis, the foundation! For this I would like to say thank you on your 50th birthday, I will always carry you in my heart.

There are many birthday sayings for dad But none suits you Because you are unique So I say thank you for your efforts Often it was not easy for me But you never gave up on me I will never forget you All the best your son / daughter

Our father is a man who can always help us when we need help we just have to breathe softly. We would like to give something back on his birthday and therefore let him celebrate.

I wish you all the best for your cradle party today. May happiness and joy give you rich gifts, all your loved ones think of you. I keep sorrow and harm away from you, never forget dad, I like you!

Congratulations, dear father! May happiness invade your soul and never leave again.

My father is celebrating his birthday today, which is why it was very important to me to congratulate him and celebrate him. I like to show him how much I love him. What do I do without him?