A happy birthday to you that makes my days so happy. Thank you for all the conversations, laughter and companionship. All the best.

May your life be full of emotions, joys and achievements. Happy Birthday!

May you have many years to live, but stay with the young spirit. Happy Birthday!

May this date be a starting point for great discoveries and fantastic achievements. Happy Birthday!

May this birthday God grant you all the joy of the world and continue to grace the world with your presence for many years. I want your maturity and maturity to take place with serenity and to make you see life in a delicate and wise way.

May all your dreams come true and all your wishes achieved. Happy Birthday!

May you have a great day today and may happiness be present at all times. Happy Birthday!

Enjoy today's day and make the most of it every day. A very happy life awaits you, congratulations!

Happy Birthday! May you prosper in this new stage every dawn.

Life is 1 million new beginnings driven by the challenge of living and making every dream shine. Congratulations and Happy birthday!

Congratulations! May you, more and more, fall in love with your conquests, your family and your life. Be guided by a path of success and constant growth, enchanting everyone around you. Happy Birthday!

May the light of God spread optimism, confidence, determination and hope in your path. Happy Birthday!