A lifetime with the person I love most and want more and more. Happy 50 years of marriage, my love!

Our hands have become more wrinkled, our hair is white and our love has also changed because it has grown and matured. Long live our 50 years of marriage!

Happy Golden Anniversary! Our union has been blessed by the Lord and may it continue forever! I want a lot of health for us, because the rest, as always, we go after it!

Like the resistance of gold, our love was strong over time, challenges and achievements. May our golden anniversary continue for a lifetime!

With you, I built my best memories and, with you, I want to continue for the rest of my days. Happy 50 years to us!

Sharing a life together is choosing love every day. May this feeling last forever in our journey. Happy 50 years of marriage for us, my love!

50 years of marriage. 18,262 days, 438,288 hours, 26,277,280 minutes. A life full of love. Congratulations!

Today it's been 50 years that I have the love of my life by my side. Thank you for all the love, care and complicity. Happy Birthday to us!

May the wisdom gained over the years be only an incentive for the desired achievements and victories in the future. Congratulations on our golden anniversary!

For 50 years you have built your own happiness together and taught us that love exceeds all limits.

Ties of understanding, tenderness and loyalty. Perfect union and a world of happiness as companions forever together. Congratulations on our golden anniversary!

Fifty years of a happy union have passed, Lord. We thank You for keeping us together until today under Your protection.