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Since I knew that you would come to the world, I loved you as nothing in life, because a child is the most valuable treasure that someone can have, especially if it is a child like you. Happy Birthday!

I am what I am thanks to you, your advice, your support and thanks also to your reproaches. Happy birthday. I love you.

Today is a very happy day. I wish that peace, health, prosperity and joy will come to stay. Congratulations, father-in-law!

Congratulations, my dear niece! I know that many achievements await you, just have faith.

My dear nephew, You are a true gift that God sent into our lives. Since we held you in our arms for the first time, we felt that our bonds would be eternal. Uncles love you very much. Congratulations on your day!

Besides auntie, I'm your friend, you can count on me! Happy birthday, may all your dreams come true.

Dear Mother-in-Law! today the celebration starts from the first ray of sunshine until the end of the night, because it is your birthday and a date like this deserves a whole day of celebration!

Dear sister, on this special day I want to wish you a life full of happiness, adventures and beautiful surprises. Happy birthday!

Dear nephew, I remember as if it were yesterday when you still fit in my arms and I was able to carry you on my lap. Today you are a made man, you own your steps. However, in my eyes, you will always be the eternal child who called me auntie! Enjoy your birthday!

Congratulations, my beautiful! May God always color your lips with a big smile.

I always carry you in my heart because it is very important to me. I know that our connection will always be firm and strong because it is something rare. I wish all the happiness in the world on this very important day. Have a happy birthday!

Congratulations, dear child, the whole family wishes you a special day and that everything you dream of becomes a reality.


May you never lack the hope of better days, my sister. Good Morning! ???

My dear sister, having you as a friend is the best gift that life has given me. Have a great day!

We are inseparable because you are special and incomparable. I adore you, my brother. Have a nice day! ☀️?

Brother is synonymous with love, and it is the most loyal relationship that anyone can have in life. Have a nice day, bro! ??❤️

Dear mother-in-law, today is your day and I am here to remind you of all my affection for you!

I will enjoy all the moments of today with great intensity and smile; smile a lot. It is necessary to laugh, be and make happy those who pass by us. This Saturday it is necessary to do good and that is what I will do. Good morning Saturday!

This Saturday everything will be perfect. I believe that all my dreams will come true and no chance of being happy will go unnoticed. I want fun, tranquility, peace and a lot of joy.

Good morning Dad! Enjoy the morning to work with dedication and pleasure. Preserve it. Before work, a good prayer. Thank God, broadly and generously.

I am happy to have a fantastic friend whom I can trust and who is always present at crucial moments. Good morning my friend.

I just hope that the time passes by flying to be weekend and enjoy the rest without limitations. May this Friday be incredible and full of surprises for everyone. Good morning to everyone!

Good morning, queen! May you be very happy on that day that is just beginning, smile and enjoy every moment.

My sister-in-law was a very great blessing that God gave me. In a short time, she became a friend for all hours, a confidant and a true advisor.


Good night brother! Rest well tonight, because tomorrow is a new opportunity to go after your dreams and make them come true!

My sister, I know you must be lying down to sleep… so good night! May only happy and loving things inhabit your dreams! Rest and sleep well, I love you!

My mother, the bond that unites us is the strongest and most valuable in the world. Sleep with the angels, I love you!

May this moment of sleep bring you good dreams, relax your body and mind and especially make you wake up with peace and hope in your heart! Good night, my dear and beloved sister!

Breathe, calm the heart ... silence the mind and relax the body ... now rest. There's more tomorrow! Good night dad.

Mother ...May the beauty of flowers, the sweetness of honey, the brightness of the stars, envelop you today and may you continue to radiate this love and joy that you have always offered us! Good Night..

Good night, my sister! May you have a beautiful and peaceful night's sleep, you deserve it!

Passing by to leave you a kiss and wish you that tonight is a lot of peace and beautiful dreams. Good night, dear father. Sleep well!

May you have a serene night, a peaceful sleep and beautiful dreams. Have a good night, brother.

Good night dad! Rest well tonight, because tomorrow is a new opportunity to go after your dreams and make them come true!

You have made my world beautiful and colorful since the day I was born. Good night, mom, I love you!

Nothing is easy in this life, but everything is possible when you have strength and determination. Good night dad!


A lifetime with the person I love most and want more and more. Happy 50 years of marriage, my love!

Thank you for still loving me like you did on the first day. Lots of kisses for the wedding day!

I look forward to many more hours, days, weeks, months, years or even decades with you by my side. Happy wedding annversary day, my darling!

Our hands have become more wrinkled, our hair is white and our love has also changed because it has grown and matured. Long live our 50 years of marriage!

A life with you is the most beautiful thing that could have happened to me! Happy wedding anniversary, my darling!

You make me happy every day of our marriage. But especially today! Happy wedding day!

Congratulations, celebrate with lots of kisses accompanied by flowers and chocolates, best wishes to the couple!

Happy Golden Anniversary! Our union has been blessed by the Lord and may it continue forever! I want a lot of health for us, because the rest, as always, we go after it!

Like the resistance of gold, our love was strong over time, challenges and achievements. May our golden anniversary continue for a lifetime!

With you, I built my best memories and, with you, I want to continue for the rest of my days. Happy 50 years to us!

I wish my wife a happy wedding anniversary, the women I want to have with me every time for the rest of my life.

May the love in our hearts remain so inexhaustible that it lasts for a lifetime. Happy wedding anniversary!